Turning venues from drab to fab

June 1, 2015

An abandoned grocery store may not seem like the ideal place to hold a high-class corporate event, but when John Hydo, director of event creation at Tomorrow’s Event Productions, stumbled across the dingy interior of a deserted store in Houston, all he saw was potential.

Designed for a corporation expecting 250 attendees, the former supermarket was transformed earlier this year into an impressive one-night venue, with floor-to-ceiling curtains installed to cover up undergoing construction, aerialists pouring Champagne for guests while hanging upside down, an on-site stage built for the DJ and a catering chef specializing in the science of food, serving nitrogen-frozen ice cream and molecular cocktails.

“I totally knew I did my job when people first hit the door and immediately took out their phones to start taking pictures,” says Hydo, noting that for an event that never goes into overtime, it ended up turning into a hangout, bringing more than 400 people on-site and ending nearly two hours later than anticipated.