Packers Plus is a completion technology company that is dedicated to providing high quality solutions that work the first time. Packers Plus is excited to offer the TREX™ Cemented Completions suite of solutions to optimize your cemented completions.

Cemented Solutions

TREX Limited Entry

The TREX Limited Entry System uses QuickPORT™ IV sleeves to selectively stimulate multiple entry points with one treatment.

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PrimeSET Liner Hanger System

The PrimeSET™ Liner Hanger system uses premium sealing technology to packoff the annulus and secure the liner in intermediate casing for both cemented and open hole applications.

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TREX Single Point Entry

The TREX Single Point Entry System using Diffusor® sleeves is specially designed to provide the operational efficiency of ball-drop completion technology in cemented wells.

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AeroSTAT Glass Barrier Sub

The AeroSTAT™ Glass Barrier Sub is designed to improve operations for completion system installation by facilitating casing flotation to planned depth

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