Packers Plus Launches a Suite of Superior Toe Subs to Improve Stimulation Efficiency in Cemented Applications

August 13, 2019

August 13, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. is providing customers with quality and reliability for stimulating the first stage of oil and gas wells. The TREX™ Cemented Product line now offers a selection of hydraulically activated toe subs to serve a variety of operations.

The Toe-XT™ Testable Hydraulic Sleeve, Toe-AP™ Hydraulic Sleeve and TREX Wet Shoe Sub all eliminate the operational risk associated with coiled tubing runs for the first stage and help establish communication with the reservoir post-cementing and prior to stimulation operations. These new technologies are cost-effective and operationally flexible, helping customers save time and reduce risk.

“We’re adapting to shifting industry demands by developing new technologies that are economic, flexible and low-risk,” said Packers Plus President and CEO Ian Bryant. “Our TREX Toe Subs are compatible with the rest of our multi-stage completion systems and an effective way to jump start any completions program.”

The TREX Toe Subs are part of the Packers Plus TREX Cemented Product Line, a suite of high-quality technologies designed to increase the efficiency and reduce the operational risk in cemented completions for operators worldwide. For more information, visit

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