Next generation ball-activated system for high stage count completions and optimal treatment rates

The new and improved StackFRAC HD-X multi-stage completion system was specifically designed to provide high stage count completions and enable optimal treatment rates – even at the toe of the well – by reducing wellbore ID restrictions compared to previous iterations of the system. This next generation system was engineered with ball seat increments exceeding the industry standard of 1/16-in. and the latest version can include increments as small as 1/40-in., while proprietary erosion protection ensures each activation ball will land on its corresponding ball seat.

Packers Plus has been a leader in lower completion technology since 2000 and the engineering advancements of StackFRAC HD-X are the result of more than 20 years of continuous innovation. This ball-activated completion system enables a stimulation program to be pumped from start to finish in one continuous operation and is backed by a fully integrated QA/QC process to verify manufacturing precision and operational success at the wellsite.

StackFRAC HD-X is the next generation of ball-activated completions, allowing operators to effectively increase stage counts for extended reach lateral well stimulations

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Montney operator achieves high stage count stimulation with minimal operation time deploying StackFRAC HD-X

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Montney operator achieves top tier returns with StackFRAC HD-X

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StackFRAC HD-X increases stage count for extended reach lateral wells

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Learn more about Open Hole Multi-Stage Completions with StackFRAC HD-X

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Featured Completion Products

Lightning Frac Plug

The Packers Plus Lightning™ Frac Plug combines composite and cast iron slips to firmly lock the plug in place and provide zonal isolation in the wellbore during plug-and-perf completions.



FracPORT Sleeve

The FracPORT™ Sleeve is a ball-activated stimulation and production port. This sliding sleeve is run between two packers to isolate specific zones of the wellbore for targeted hydraulic fracturing.



RockSEAL II Packer

The RockSEAL® II packer is a dual-element open hole packer that provides high-performance zone isolation, ensuring stimulation of the targeted zone and isolation to optimize long-term production.



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Hydraulically Activated Tools for the First Stage of a Completion System

TREX™ Toe Subs

The Toe-XT™ Testable Hydraulic Sleeve, Toe-AP™ Hydraulic Sleeve and TREX Wet Shoe Sub lower the operational risk associated with coiled tubing runs for the first stage of cemented liner completion systems. These technologies are cost-effective and operationally flexible, helping customers save time and reduce risk when establishing communication with the reservoir post-cementing and prior to stimulation operations.

TREX Toe Subs

Toe-XT Testable Hydraulic Sleeve

Allows the casing string to be pressure tested a single time before opening.

Toe-AP Hydraulic Sleeve

Opens at a specific absolute pressure, saving time and cost in delivering an effective treatment of the first stage.

TREX Wet Shoe Sub

Eliminates the need for a coiled tubing run to perforate the first stage in plug-and-perf operations.

Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve

Learn more about pressure-testable toe sleeves with the Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve

Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve

Check out this case study and find out how the Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve is used to pressure test casing integrity prior to stimulation operations

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Effective stimulation with Packers Plus TREX cemented completion system

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