Over 20 Years of Innovation

Packers Plus is pleased to celebrate our 20th Anniversary in the lower completions business. Throughout the years, we've diversified and grown, but we still deliver innovative high-value completion technology solutions that work (the first time).

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A lot has changed at Packers Plus since January 2000, when we started a small, dynamic company with a niche focus on providing oil and gas operators with innovative completion solutions.

Today, Packers Plus is a diversified completions company that employs many, in several locations across the globe. As we lean into the next decade and celebrate the past, we want to thank everyone who has been part of the Packers Plus story and legacy. We appreciate your contributions and dedication to the company!

Mission & Core Values

We deliver innovative high-value completion
technology solutions that work (the first time).

Operational Excellence

This is the foundation of our company and we strive to constantly improve, to deliver the very best each and every time.


We look for new ideas and processes to develop products and services that meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Customer Intimacy

We know the value of understanding each individual client and their unique needs and we are able to cater to each client's specific requirements.

Meet our co-founders

In 2000, Peter Krabben and Ken Paltzat
were ready to create a dynamic, new organization with a niche focus on
providing oil and gas operators with innovative completion solutions.

Peter Krabben

Co-Founder & Director

Ken Paltzat

Co-Founder & Director

Meet our executive team

Stuart Wilson

President & CEO

Get to know Stuart

JJ Giraldi

Chief Financial Officer

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Packers Plus over the years

Packers Plus is a privately held company, focusing on research and development to create technological advances in completions for the oil and gas industry.


Packers Plus celebrates its 20-year anniversary and two decades of innovation, operational excellence and customer intimacy.


Packers Plus expands their cemented toe sub options with Toe-AP™ and TREX™ Wet Shoe Sub.

The AeroSTAT™ Glass Barrier Sub is launched, simplifying installations in both open and cased hole operations by facilitating casing flotation to planned depth.


Packers Plus launches the Toe-XT™ Testable Hydraulic Sleeve, combining casing integrity testing and toe stimulation into one tool.

Packers Plus continues to increase efficiency in cemented completions with the launch of a complete suite of Lightning Frac Plugs that includes composite and dissolvable plugs.


Packers Plus launches the TREX Cemented Completions Solutions, a suite of high-quality technologies designed to increase the efficiency and reduce the operational risk in cemented completions for operators worldwide.


Packers Plus is awarded the 2016 Alberta Oil Top Oil and Gas Service Company in Canada.



Packers Plus celebrates 15 Years!

Packers Plus receives the 2015 World Oil Award for Best Visualization & Collaboration.

Offices in Neuquén and Buenos Aires, Argentina are opened.


Packers Plus installed their first system in Colombia, Germany, Kazakhstan and Vietnam.


Packers Plus  moves into a new state-of-the-art MX Manufacturing Center in Edmonton, AB. The 224,000ft2 facility includes robotic assembly and test cells unique to the oil and gas industry.

Packers Plus installed their first QuickFRAC® job internationally in Turkey.

Packers Plus installed their first system in Georgia and Ukraine.


New office opened in Denver, CO.


Packers Plus installs and successfully stimulates a 60-stage job in the US Marcellus shale.

Packers Plus installs their first QuickFRAC® job in the United States in the Avalon formation and SF Cementor® job internationally in the Australia.

Packers Plus installs their first Titanium job internationally in the Netherlands and completes their first well in Russia and first offshore well in Brazil.


The QuickFRAC® system is launched, as is the SF Cementor® stage collar, a hydraulically-opened, mechanically closed stage collar.

Packers Plus completes its first geothermal well in the Cooper Basin, Australia and installed their first 40 stage system in the United States.


New Service Centers are opened in Red Deer, AB and Casper, WY.

The StackFRAC® Titanium® XV HPHT system is installed in Canada for the first time and the first StackFRAC HD system is installed in Saskatchewan’s Torquay formation.

The RapidMATRIX® system was ran for the first time internationally in Saudi Arabia.

Packers Plus installed their first system in the Eagle Ford formation and in the Netherlands and the UK.

Packers Plus is named Oilweek’s Supplier of the Year and is awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Prairies Region and for all of Canada.


Technology Centers in Edmonton, AB and Houston, TX are officially opened.

Packers Plus installed their first system in the Niobrara formation.

Packers Plus installed their first system in Algeria and Libya.


International work continues to grow. Packers Plus completes wells in Saudi Arabia, China, Mexico, Argentina, Romania and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The first system outside of North America is installed in Gabon, West Africa. This is the first offshore well completed by Packers Plus.

Packers Plus opened an office in Cyprus.

Packers Plus installed their first system in the Cotton Valley formation.


A second office opened in Houston, TX and a new Service Center opened in Williston, ND.


The RapidMATRIX® system, designed for acid stimulation in carbonates, is installed for the first time in Texas.

Two operators evaluate the StackFRAC®  system for use in emerging Bakken play in Canada.

Packers Plus installed their first system in the Woodford shale formation and the Cleveland formation.


Packers Plus installed their first system in the Bakken formation.


Packers Plus introduces the revolutionary StackFRAC® system, transforming horizontal, multistage completions and enabling operators to maximize production in tight rock formations and mature fields.


Ken Paltzat and Peter Krabben develop a small company with a focused niche on providing innovative completions solutions for oil and gas operators.

The first office opens in Calgary and Edmonton, AB along with Service Centers in Estevan, SK and Grande Prairie, AB.

A great work environment

Packers Plus employees are innovators and thought leaders and
help move the oil and gas industry forward

New ideas and new processes are vital to the success of our business. Our team includes individuals who are not only the best in the industry, but who also have a strong entrepreneurial spirit that keeps our company on the leading-edge of new technology.

Interested  in joining our team? Find out more on our Careers page. 


Committed to continually improve Quality, the Packers Plus MX Manufacturing and Rapid Tool Development Centres in Edmonton have met all the Quality Management System requirements of API Q1 and ISO 9001.

API Q1 #2974
ISO 9001 #3023

Packers Plus Rapid Tool Development Centre in Houston has met all the Quality Management System requirements of ISO 9001.

ISO 9001

Commitment to the environment

Packers Plus technology has made a major impact on productivity in recent years, and these same technological advances have also enabled operators to reduce their environmental impact.

As a progressive and innovative company, Packers Plus recognizes the importance of protecting and preserving the environment in which we operate. As such, we strive to improve not only our products and operations, but also our environmental impact.

Packers Plus believes in safe operations and environmental procedures that provide high value to both customers and employees. We comply with all provincial, federal and local laws and regulations, and conduct operations in a manner that demonstrates a respect for the environment. Employees are professionally trained and equipped with the knowledge to make sound decisions on the job. In addition, Packers Plus makes every effort to recycles metals, plastics, cardboard, paper and wood materials. All hazardous waste is disposed through a certified vendor.

Preventative maintenance plays a key role in avoiding pollution and harm to the environment and Packers Plus will continue to conduct operations with a progressive and innovative attitude, now and in the future.

Awards & Recognition

Packers Plus is proud to be a recognized leader in our industry

2017 - Silver Wellness Award from Canada's Safest Employers
2016 - Best Oil & Gas Service Company in Canada
2015 - World Oil Best Visualization & Collaboration
2015 - E&P Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation: Inferno System
2015 - Finalist, Alberta's Best Workplaces
2014, 2015 -Oil & Gas Awards, Best Completions Technology
2014 -Technology Stars: New Technology Magazine
2014 - Top Innovators Award: TechRev, Innovate Calgary
2013 - Top Projects Award for Industrial under $50Million: Alberta Construction Magazine
2013 - Alberta’s Top 25 Innovative Companies: Alberta Venture Magazine
2010 - Dan Themig: Business in Calgary Leaders of Tomorrow
2010 - Dan Themig: Sproule Innovation and Achievement Award
2010 - Dan Themig: SPE Meritorious Engineering Award
2009 - Oilweek Supplier of the Year
2009 - Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year – Prairies Region & Canada