Packers Plus Increases Stimulation Efficiency and Reservoir Coverage for Operator in the Montney Formation

September 29, 2016

September 29, 2016, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. developed a unique completion design that helped to significantly increase stage counts and pump rates to stimulate more pay zone over previous wells for an operator in British Columbia’s Montney formation.

During the past couple of years, ball-activated completion systems have averaged approximately 20 stages in the Montney. Packers Plus developed a unique completion design for the operator to run a 38-stage StackFRAC® HD system. This design used a tapered liner, which minimized wellbore restrictions and allowed for a stimulation program that increased pump rates without increasing treating pressure. This innovative approach enabled the operator to stimulate more reservoir by generating better fracture extension and more complexity across the large pay zone.

“Increasing stage count with this innovative approach not only provides greater stimulated reservoir volume, but also allows for effective treatment of longer laterals,” says Barry Hlidek, Packers Plus Manager of Fracture Sciences. “By optimizing location of frac ports and the distance between them, completion systems can be optimized for each specific well and producing formation.”


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