Refrac / Re-entry

Maximize production from mature assets with targeted stimulation

Packers Plus engineers completion solutions to help operators maximize asset production, including downhole tools for refracturing, re-entry and well recovery operations. With both permanent systems and retrievable tools, Packers Plus has the solution to improve operational efficiency in a variety of applications and wellbore requirements.


Packers Plus solutions for refrac and well recovery offer many features and benefits

Increase production from previously produced reservoirs

Continuous rigless pumping operation reduces completion time and cost

Custom stimulation for each stage of a previously completed wellbore

Reduce dependency on integrity of existing casing

Packers Plus solutions for refrac and re-entry

StackFRAC Slimhole System

The StackFRAC® Slimhole system is specially designed with a smaller liner outside diameter (OD), enabling operators to re-enter vertical or horizontal wells. This system provides a cost-effective solution for restimulation and well recovery applications by enabling exact placement of stimulation treatments in one continuous pumping operation, saving operators time and money.

RockSEAL Straddle System

The RockSEAL® Straddle System is used to create an isolated zone for injection, stimulation or testing operations. The RockSEAL Straddle System is mechanically set without the need for pumping, which enables the packer to be easily set and returned to the run-in position, making it ideal for repeated operations. The tool can be equipped with various accessories such as an emergency ball release, fluid control valve, inline gauges, or an upper cup assembly, which provides additional pack-off in shallow wells.


TREX Setting Sleeve

The TREX™ Setting Sleeve provides an effective and economic tie-back option when preparing a well for refrac or re-entry operations. The TREX Setting Sleeve is combined with the TREX Running Tool to provide a system that disengages from the liner without a cutting tool and provides an effective transition option at a pre-determined depth without restricting the inside diameter so stimulation treatment can be delivered at high pump rates.

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 Our commitment to quality

Packers Plus successful stimulation services begin with a fully integrated quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) process that begins at the design stage and follows each tool through manufacturing, assembly, testing, shipping and installation. Automation and robotics are incorporated into our proven process to ensure consistency and repeatability of key criteria in each step as we design, develop and manufacture our patented tools and systems. As a commitment to quality and meeting stringent standards, Packers Plus has achieved ISO 9001 certification and  API Q1 Certification for our manufacturing and engineering operations in Edmonton, AB, and ISO 9001 in Houston, TX.

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