QuickFRAC® System

Open Hole Limited Entry Stimulation

The Packers Plus QuickFRAC system is an open hole, multi-stage completion system which uses limited entry to selectively stimulate multiple stages with one treatment from surface. A configuration of RockSEAL® H2 packers and a number of QuickPORT™ V sleeves allows multiple, individually-isolated stages to be grouped together in a single treatment zone.

Through a detailed process of research and development, and by using consistent pumping rates, the QuickFRAC system evenly distributes batch fractures in a select zone of the wellbore. After stimulation, the well can be immediately flowed back and put on production.

Because the Packers Plus QuickFRAC system is modular with regard to tool placement, it can be combined with other Packers Plus tools and systems, enabling customized design for targeted delivery of the stimulation program.

The QuickFRAC batch stimulation system offers many features and benefits.

Complete wells faster by stimulating multiple entry points in one treatment

Stimulate more of the wellbore with improved isolation using field-proven mechanical RockSEAL H2 packers

Custom stimulation programs by combining a variety of Packers Plus tools to complete the entire lateral

QuickFRAC Batch Stimulation System

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RockSEAL H2 Packer

The RockSEAL H2 packer is a hydraulically set, mechanical packer. The dual-element design, along with premium seal technology, ensures reliable high-pressure zonal isolation during stimulation and throughout the life of the well. The RockSEAL H2 packer offers ease of installation through its short length, minimum outside diameter and anti-preset features. Hydraulic activation allows for precise control over the setting operation, resulting in time and cost efficiencies.

RockSEAL IIS Packer

The RockSEAL llS is single-element, double-grip, hydraulically set retrievable open hole packer. It maintains the proven mechanical and element system of the dual-element packer along with an added anchoring capability. The anchoring slip design allows the packer to anchor the QuickFRAC system at the toe of the well, wellbore junctions or other areas that require extra stability. This packer is typically run in conjunction with the RockSEAL H2 packer for added sealing capability, but can be used on its own as required.

QuickPORT V Sleeve

The QuickPORT V sleeve is a ball-actuated, hydraulically activated injection/production port. This sleeve allows for more than one stage to be activated with the same size actuation ball for limited entry batch fracturing. The QuickPORT V sleeve flow ports are available in a variety of sizes to optimize the limited entry fracture treatment. After stimulation, the innovative design allows all of the balls to be flowed back and the well can be immediately put on production.

Hydraulic FracPORT Sleeve

The Hydraulic FracPORT™ sleeve is a hydraulically activated injection/production port used for the first stage of all Packers Plus stimulation system applications. This sleeve opens at a specific pressure allowing communication between the tool string and the annulus. The unique configuration of the Hydraulic FracPORT sleeve ensures full opening for effective stimulation of the first stage. The Hydraulic FracPORT sleeve is also available in a Drillable Closeable (DC) version that can be re-opened for future operations.

The Packers Plus QuickFRAC system provides operators with an effective limited entry treatment option for open hole wellbores

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QuickFRAC system provides efficiencies in shale gas reservoirs

 Our commitment to quality

Packers Plus successful stimulation services begin with a fully integrated quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) process that begins at the design stage and follows each tool through manufacturing, assembly, testing, shipping and installation. Automation and robotics are incorporated into our proven process to ensure consistency and repeatability of key criteria in each step as we design, develop and manufacture our patented tools and systems. As a commitment to quality and meeting stringent standards, Packers Plus has achieved ISO 9001 certification and  API Q1 Certification for our manufacturing and engineering operations in Edmonton, AB, and ISO 9001 in Houston, TX.

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