Packers Plus is Committed to Safety Without Compromise

Packers Plus considers the safety and health of our employees to be our number one priority. We continue to provide a positive atmosphere that is proactive and prevention-driven.

As an organization, our safety policies and procedures comply with the laws and regulations of each respective country in which we operate. Packers Plus adheres to all industry regulations that improve and enhance employee safety. By continually monitoring and refining our safety programs, we will prevent injuries, maintain a positive workplace and increase company performance.

Safety is at the core of what Packers Plus does, starting with the President’s mandate to have an executive member tour each location annually for safety presentations and workshops. Our Work Safe Program is dedicated to maintaining a consistent environment in which every task is performed in the safest, most practical manner by skilled professionals. We foster a culture of safety, encouraging each employee to engage in safe behaviour in the field, in the office and at home. At Packers Plus, the well-being of employees is always the first priority.

Packers Plus safety message

The safety of our employees is always the first priority.

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Health, Safety & Environment Manager – Canada & International
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Designed to serve and support employees, the Packers Plus Work Safe Program involves extensive safety training and communication. This program covers everything from ergonomic assessments and hazard recognition to health and wellness campaigns and stop work authority. The philosophy at Packers Plus has always been that Safety, Health and Environment is part of each employee’s duty, and is embodied by our senior management.

Each year, Packers Plus participates in Mental Health Week and also hosts an eight-week Wellness Challenge. Quarterly, we plan Lunch & Learn series covering everything from fitness and healthy lifestyle, to work/life balance and injury management. Among our employees, we develop health and safety leadership skills, investing in education and awareness. We reward high performance and ensure all safety procedures are seamless.

Jeff Mosley Vice President, WordPartners USA

WorkPartners has had the pleasure of working with the safety team at Packers Plus for several years; both in the field and during clinic visits. I have always liked dealing with the Packers Plus safety representatives because they are knowledgeable, professional, and caring people. Packers Plus has very good safety practices and policies in place and when I do see an injury in one of my clinics, it is normally a minor injury that we can take care of fairly quickly. From an occupational health standpoint, Packers Plus is a great company!

Terry Bryant COR Auditor

A safety program is a set of policies and work practices specifically designed by a company for the company to ensure that there is a continued focus on the improvement of the company’s safety program. During the company’s recent COR audit it was noted that Packers Plus met all of the fundamental criteria for a strong and proactive safety program. Participation throughout the company, from management to workers, was a very strong indicator of a solid safety program that will continue to grow in the years to come.

Patty Kemp Director of Marketing

DISA manages multiple types of screening services for Packers Plus. As their service provider, its apparent that Packers has a strong commitment to workplace safety and to the wellbeing of their employees.

Safety Certifications & Affiliations

Packers Plus has obtained the following internationally recognized safety certifications and affiliations.

Partnerships Injury Reduction - Certificate of Recognition
ENFORM - Certificate of Recognition
Workers’ Compensation Board Saskatchewan - Certificate of Achievement
Member of the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
Member of the Manufacturers Safety Association of Alberta
Alberta Construction Safety Council
Certificate of Safety Excellence (Fireman’s Fund Insurance)
Certificate of Recognition for Employee Health & Safety (Texas Mutual Insurance)
Member of Alliance Safety Council
National Safety Council
Executive Member of Houston STEPS (Safety, Transmission, Exploration & Production Safety)
Member of ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineering)
Member of CSSE (Canadian Society of Safety Engineering)