Toughen Up: Mitigate erosion for high-volume proppant completions
Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve successfully activated after 8 months
Float installations lower costs in extended reach laterals
Go with the Flow: Reduce Water Costs Using Continuous Pumping Completions
Packers Plus Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve provides flexibility for casing integrity test
183427 – Application of Ball-Drop Technology to Improve Efficiency and Stimulation of Limited Entry Completion Systems
QuickPORT IV sleeves unseat plug-and-perf in successful 80-sleeve lower completion
Operator maximizes efficiency using Diffusor sleeves in hybrid completions
PrimeSET liner hanger successfully reaches depth and anchors system after aggressive installation
Operator saves time and successfully mitigates risk using TREX QuickPORT IV sleeves in a hybrid completion
Effective stimulation and millout operations achieved with Packers Plus TREX cemented completion system
Accelerating Efficiency: 8 Benefits of Cemented Ball-Activated Sleeves

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