PrimeSET Liner Hanger combines with flotation sub to simplify extended reach lateral installation
Robust liner hanger enables rotating while circulating for successful installation in challenging formation
Packers Plus dissolvable plug maintains isolation for successful completion during challenging stimulation program
Toe-XT Testable Hydraulic Sleeve enables high pressure casing test and sleeve opening below formation frac pressure
LightningPLUS Composite Plug overcomes casing deformation issues to simplify installation and deliver successful stimulation
LightningPLUS Composite Plug Mills Out Quickly With Minimal Debris
Toughen Up: Mitigate erosion for high-volume proppant completions
Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve successfully activated after 8 months
Float installations lower costs in extended reach laterals
Go with the Flow: Reduce Water Costs Using Continuous Pumping Completions
Packers Plus Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve provides flexibility for casing integrity test
183427 – Application of Ball-Drop Technology to Improve Efficiency and Stimulation of Limited Entry Completion Systems

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