Operator Stimulates Screened Offshore System 3 Years After Installation
Innovative offshore multi-lateral completion results in top producer
190820 – Harrier Development: Successful Implementation of the World’s First Offshore Multilateral Installation with Staged Acid Fracturing Performed on Both Laterals
Operator utilizes closeable FracPORT sleeves to significantly reduce water cut in the Sinai Peninsula
Packers Plus partners with operator for world’s first offshore dual lateral multi-stage completion
183268 – Delivering Proppant Stimulation in an Offshore Unconventional Tight Carbonate Source Formation, in the Middle East with OHMS Completion Technology
Leading unconventional advancements in Argentina
Closeable FracPORT sleeves provide stimulation and production flexibility almost one year after installation
StackFRAC HD cemented off-bottom open hole completion establishes baseline for efficient and economic completions
StackFRAC HD Improves Efficiency of Horizontal Multi-Stage Acid Stimulation in Northern Iraq Field
Unique application of SF Cementor D Stage Collar improves reservoir coverage in sidetrack lateral
StackFRAC completion 30 times faster than typical plug-and-perf stimulation

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