StackFRAC Systems Produce 23% More than Offset Plug-and-Perf Wells in the Codell Formation

An operator demonstrated significant efficiency improvements and higher production using Packers Plus StackFRAC® HD completion systems compared to nearby plug-and-perf completions. The StackFRAC HD completions used an average of 41% less proppant and 33% less fluid, while providing 23% average higher production by the end of the first 12 months.



One of the largest exploration and production companies in the United States expanded their operations into Colorado’s Codell formation. In an ongoing effort to increase production and operational efficiency while lowering costs, the operator deployed different completion methods in the formation, including Packers Plus completion systems.


Targeting the Wattenberg field of the Codell formation, the operator completed over 140 wells using Packers Plus systems from 2011 to the end of 2014. These stimulation systems initially averaged 18 stages and a lateral length of 3,900 ft. By 2014, however, they averaged 32 stages and a lateral length of 4,800 ft.


Packers Plus StackFRAC HD wells provided the operator with higher production than offset plug-and-perf wells. Within a 36 square-mile section of Weld County where the operator completed a similar number of StackFRAC HD systems and plug-and-perf wells, the StackFRAC HD wells produced an average of 23% more after 12 months.


Of the 29 wells, 14 were completed by Packers Plus and 15 were completed using plug-and-perf methods. Before achieving higher production, the StackFRAC HD completions were more efficient, requiring an average of 41% less proppant and 33% less fluid.



Production results from this operator’s experience shows superior completion efficiency and production using the StackFRAC HD system.

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