Deep Dive into Shallow Wells: Best practices for successful completion system installation and stimulation in shallow wells

Drilling and completing shallow wells can pose unique challenges. With the horizontal length of the well typically much greater than the true vertical depth (TVD), there are risks that need to be considered to ensure the lower completion will reach the planned total depth (TD).

Packers Plus has installed completion systems in more than 19,500 wells worldwide. This extensive run history includes more than 1,200 installations in wells with a TVD of less than 4,000 ft (1,219 m). Over the past 20 years, Packers Plus has developed a robust set of best practices to ensure that each system reaches the planned TD. These best practices are particularly important in shallow wells to maintain safe and efficient operations, and minimize unnecessary downtime. Some of the best practices include:

-Torque and drag analysis

-Open hole drift run

-Wellbore drilling techniques

-Flotation sub implementation

Packers Plus is at the forefront of the multi-stage fracturing industry with innovations in downhole technology, manufacturing capabilities and processes, world class engineering, well design and specialized field engineers. The combination of these innovations and expertise has enabled Packers Plus to supply fit-for-purpose completion systems with the highest level of excellence in the industry.

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