Packers Plus technology boosts barefoot well production by up to 129%


Underneath the prolific Eagle Ford formation in South Texas is the Buda limestone. Naturally fractured, this hydrocarbon-rich reservoir is a competent, hard formation that has a history of being developed with barefoot completions because its characteristics posed less risk for wellbore collapse. Despite favorable formation characteristics and low initial completion costs, the barefoot completion technique provides inadequate reservoir coverage, leaving significant reserves behind. However, the opportunity for re-entry with open hole multi-stage completions is available as no liner or casing was initially installed.

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In Frio County, Texas, an operator had completed five barefoot wells. With limited initial production and significant reserves remaining in the reservoir, the operator required a completion system to increase production and exploit the formation’s natural fractures and high porosity, while capitalizing on existing wellbore.


In an effort to effectively, efficiently, and affordable stimulate these wells, the operator turned to Packers Plus to provide a solution. Packers Plus designed five wells ranging from 11 to 12 stages. The StackFRAC® HD completion systems were run in 6.125-in. open hole horizontals on 4.5-in. liner. The systems were installed in the existing barefoot wellbores to a measured depth range of 5,809 to 7,502 ft. Lateral lengths ranged from 4,165 to 5,357 ft, with an average stage spacing ranging between 367 and 398 ft.


All five wells were successfully restimulated over an 8-month span, ranging from 1 to 3 years after their initial barefoot completion. The first two wells exceeded the client’s expectations for a cumulative production increase of 31% and 68% respectively. The third and fourth wells were completed four months later, and were also successful, increasing cumulative production by 7% and 10%. The final well was stimulated four months later, resulting in the highest increase of all the wells at 129%.

From completion systems to retrievable service tools, Packers Plus has a variety of solutions for re-entry wells and provides unmatched performance at the lowest total completion cost.

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