Operator Stimulates Screened Offshore System 3 Years After Installation

An operator working offshore Vietnam working in an unconsolidated sandstone oil reservoir offshore from Vietnam installed a 5-stage StackFRAC® HD system in conjunction with ScreenPORT sleeves to control solids during production. As planned, the well was originally put on production without stimulation. Three years later, to improve declining production, one stage of the existing system was treated with a proppant stimulation.


The operator wanted a system that was compartmentalized to provide flexibility for either shutting-off or stimulating zones in the future. The system also required screens to minimize the flowback of solids from the reservoir during production.


Packers Plus developed a bespoke 5-stage solution to deliver the desired screened production. The customized system included ScreenPORT sleeves in con junction with field-proven StackFRAC® HD tools, such as RockSEAL® II dual-element mechanical packers and DC FracPORT™ sleeves.

One key adjustment was removing the ball seats from the DC FracPORT sleeves before installation to allow the operator to open and close sleeves without having to mill out the seats.


The 5-stage system was installed into the offshore well, which had a measured depth of 2,639 m (8,660 ft) and a total vertical depth of 1,867 m (6,125 ft). All the ScreenPORT sleeves were opened to filter production. As production gradually declined due to the low permeability of the reservoir, the operator decided to stimulate the well. Packers Plus collaborated with the operator to develop a plan to stimulate stage 4 only.

A Packers Plus Drillable Closeable Hydraulic (DCH) Shifting Tool was used to close all 5 ScreenPORT sleeves. After opening the stage 4 DC FracPORT sleeve, a proppant stimulation was delivered. All remaining DC FracPORT sleeves were opened, and the well was put on production. Packers Plus provided a high quality completion solution that gave the operator the flexibility to successfully stimulate the wellbore, 3 years after being installed in an offshore reservoir.


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