Montney operator improves production using StackFRAC HD-X system

Operators completing longer laterals in the Montney have achieved great success completing wells using the StackFRAC® HD-X system. One early adopter’s wells outperformed nearby wells by at least 37% after 12 months of production.

StackFRAC HD-X was designed to allow for higher stage counts to achieve a more effective, high density treatment.


As laterals are drilled longer and longer, operators want a system that can deliver higher stage counts and tighter spacing for a more effective stimulation that will result in better production.

An operator was looking for a solution that would strike a balance between increasing stage count while maximizing operational efficiency.


With the ability to increase stage counts and stimulate wells with minimal non-productive time, the operator used StackFRAC HD-X systems for nearly all their completions in the Montney throughout 2017. StackFRAC HD-X is the next generation of ball-activated systems, exceeding the industry standard of 1/16-in. to offer operators even tighter increments and higher stage counts.

Such miniscule differences between tools require a fully integrated quality control process to verify manufacturing precision and ensure operational success. At Packers Plus, these include:

• Confirming dimension accuracy to 1/10,000 of an inch for consistent reliability
• An anti-erosion coating can be applied for additional risk mitigation

Beyond higher stage counts, StackFRAC HD-X offers other benefits:
• The wider range of possible sizes allows for a larger inner diameter at the toe, which in turn allows for higher flow rates
• FracPORT™ H3 sleeves are specifically designed to prevent erosion of key components
• Greater completion design flexibility

The higher stage counts offered using StackFRAC HD-X allow operators to improve production while maximizing operational efficiency.



In the township with the highest concentration of the operator’s wells in early 2017, the top 4 highest producing wells were completed using StackFRAC HD-X. In this 9.7 km2 (6 mi2) area, a comparison of production after 12 months shows that the average StackFRAC HD-X well production was at least 37% higher than wells completed using other technology.

Within the first year of its release, several operators have had success using StackFRAC HD-X. The system has been run by over 25 operators in more than 10 formations, adding up to over 4,000 stages in Canada.

Packers Plus is the innovator of multi-stage completion systems, providing field-proven and cost-effective solutions through a range of applications worldwide. For more information about StackFRAC HD-X or other solutions, go to

After 12 months of production, wells completed using StackFRAC HD-X were at least 37% higher than wells completed using other technology.

12-month cumulative production of wells completed by StackFRAC HD-X and other technologies.



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