Leading unconventional advancements in Argentina

In Argentina’s southern province of Santa Cruz, vertical drilling and completions are common. As oil and gas development shifts from conventional to unconventional resources, Packers Plus is working with operators to introduce more efficient and effective completion technology in Argentina.

One operator engaged Packers Plus to complete the first horizontal well in the Campio Indio field.


Operators have been drilling and completing vertical wells exclusively in the Campo Indio field for years. As a trial, one operator was evaluating the possibility of a completing a horizontal well to determine if it would result in a better return on investment compared to 3 vertical wells on the pad.


Packers Plus proposed a 10-stage StackFRAC® HD system. The designed completion for this ball-activated system could be done in one day. This was a significant improvement on the status quo—vertical well stimulation is a multi-day operation.

The operator was aware of Packers Plus’ track record with other clients in Argentina, and approved the system.


The StackFRAC HD system was installed to planned depth without incident and all 10 stages were stimulated in 11 hours of pumping time. Packers Plus also deployed the ePLUS® Retina monitoring system to verify all ball launches, ball seat landings, and sleeve shifts in real time. These confirmations gave the operator added confidence in the functionality of the ball-activated system.

StackFRAC HD systems use ball-activated hydraulic sleeves that enable continuous pumping operations


This completion was new in many ways and the job established a number of milestones in Campo Indio, including:


This initial well has set the stage for another StackFRAC HD completion, which will be designed with more stages and more proppant.

Packers Plus has completed over 40 wells in Argentina since 2008, helping operators achieve new completion records year after year.

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