Keeping Connected: 6 remedies to prevent casing deformation and maintain wellbore integrity for a successful completion

Casing deformation can occur in any phase of a well’s lifecycle – completion deployment, stimulation treatment or during production – and is a common problem in cased hole wells with plug-and-perf completions that are hydraulically fractured at high pressure.

The consequences of casing failure can be significant; it can mean a very costly workover procedure if the wellbore becomes inaccessible, bypassing a few producing zones because the stage isolation plugs cannot be drilled out post-treatment, or producing through a deformed wellbore that may leak at different places during the producing life of the well causing hazardous consequences. It can also mean complete abandonment of a well if failure occurs above the final fracturing stage, making the wellbore totally inaccessible.

This white paper elaborates on a few specific reasons for casing deformation, draws conclusions on possible remedies and examines results from a field study.

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