174955 – Comparing openhole packer systems with cemented liner completions in the Northern Montney gas resource play: results from microseismic monitoring and production


This study compares the performance of openhole packer to cemented liner completion systems across 30 single-lateral horizontal wells by one operator in the northern Montney gas resource play. With up to 5,400 Tcf of initial gas in place, the Montney Formation rivals the Marcellus play both in size and scope of future development. Our data demonstrates that the benefits of openhole completions relative to cemented liner completions include an average 25% increase in IP30 rates, an average increase from 7 to 10 Bcf in expected ultimate raw gas recovery per well, an average 13% decrease in stimulation period costs, plus an average 36% decrease in stimulation operating time (days), all on an unadjusted basis. When adjusted for total proppant placed or total fluid pumped on average per completion, the relative benefit of openhole systems ranges from 6% to 31% depending on the test metric selected.