Packers Plus Wins World Oil Award

October 21, 2015

October 21, 2015, Houston, Texas, USA

Packers Plus is proud to announce that the ePLUS Retina Monitoring System has won for Best Visualization & Collaboration at the 2015 World Oil Awards. This award recognizes the data visualization solution that shows the greatest promise in enabling operators to achieve a real-time collaborative environment with potential for a step-change in operating efficiency.

“We’re very proud of this system and thrilled to receive this recognition,” said Kevin Trahan, Packers Plus Chief Technology Officer. “The Retina provides operators with a cost-effective way to visualize their multi-stage completions that allows for on-the-fly operational adjustments, ensuring a successful stimulation.”

The self-contained monitoring unit operates independently of a completion system and does not interfere with stimulation operations. Specially designed sensors relay information from the well to the Retina monitoring system, which takes up a very small footprint on location, and there are built in redundancy features for all measurements to ensure timely and accurate data is being captured.
Data from the Retina monitoring system can be correlated in real-time with surface pressure, as well as slurry flow rate and blended proppant density, to accurately monitor downhole operations, including: successful ball launch; ball landing on seat; coiled tubing sleeve location; port shift confirmation; near wellbore formation breakdown; and early detection of potential issues during stimulation.

Since its launch in 2014, the Retina monitoring system has been deployed in the United States, Canada and Saudi Arabia. The system has been used to capture data from more than 500 fracture stages. To learn more, visit

About Packers Plus:
Packers Plus is an innovator of multi-stage completion systems and an industry leader in designing and manufacturing solutions for a variety of completion challenges. The privately held company, based in Canada, has run over 15,000 completion systems, accounting for over 224,000 fracture stages since it started operations in 2000. Today, Packers Plus has employees in 32 offices in Canada, the United States and internationally to maintain an influential role in key markets. The company has stayed true to its roots—an innovative company with a focused niche, enabling it to be one of the best in the industry.

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