Packers Plus Unlocks its Newest Technology in RepeaterPORT

August 10, 2011

Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. is releasing its newest technology called the RepeaterPORT® sleeve, which enables fracturing of up to 60 stages per lateral. This new stage multiplier technology is the first of its kind in the industry.

“The RepeaterPORT sleeve represents a great innovation within our industry,” said Dan Themig, President of Packers
Plus. “We can actually drop the same sized ball multiple times and activate specific ports within the system.”

“The advantage for operators is that they can increase stage numbers, increase ultimate recovery, and increase ball seat size which reduces friction pressures allowing for higher rate treatments,” added Themig.

The RepeaterPORT effectively increases the number of stages available in the StackFRAC® HD™ system. By using the same size ball, the RepeaterPORT sleeve effectively multiplies the number of available stages that can be fractured. There are a variety of ball seat sizes, allowing numerous stages to be run in sequence.

“We see a great demand for this tool in the Eastern Hemisphere,” said Mark Rivenbark, Eastern Hemisphere Business Unit Director for Packers Plus. “The RepeaterPORT has been successfully field-tested in the United States and our operators are looking to use this tool to complete longer laterals or to reduce spacing between stages to capitalize on better recovery and higher production.”

The Packers Plus RepeaterPORT is now available worldwide and you can find more information about the system on the Packers Plus website under Products –

About Packers Plus and StackFRAC

Packers Plus is a pioneer of open hole multistage fracture stimulation systems and is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing innovative solutions for a variety of completion challenges. Packers Plus has run over 6,200 systems accounting for more than 65,000 fracture stages since the technology was invented in 2001.

Today, Packers Plus has employees in 28 offices in the United States, and across the globe. The company is working in numerous countries including West Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.