Packers Plus, Senex complete high pressure vertical well in AU

June 11, 2013

Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. has successfully completed a high pressure vertical well in the Cooper Basin of South Australia for Senex Energy.

“This was a cased, vertical proof-of-concept well that was so successful it led to the discovery of a new gas field,” said Mark Rivenbark, Packers Plus director of Eastern Hemisphere.

Senex announced May 15 that the new Hornet field contains up to 2.9 trillion cubic feet of prospective resource.

Cahn Nguyen, Well Delivery Manager at Senex said “The Packers Plus StackFRAC(R) system was very successful and saved us significant time and money and the team at Packers Plus were dedicated to working with us to achieve the best outcome possible. We will definitely consider using StackFRAC(R)in future wells.”

Packers Plus worked closely with Senex in the planning stages to ensure that the vertical StackFRAC(R) system met all of their design requirements. This included detailed pre-job engineering calculations and run requirements performed by the Packers Plus Technical Services Engineers.

“Preparation before the job was key,” said Cameron Radtke, Packers Plus Technical Services manager of Eastern Hemisphere. “This well required a completion that could withstand 350 degree Fahrenheit and 15,000 psi. Integral to installation success was teamwork and the combined skills of Senex and Packers Plus, which saw the seamless installation of equipment, and stimulation of the well, in a remote and logistically challenging environment.”