Packers Plus opens MX Manufacturing Centre

September 1, 2013

Packers Plus, the innovator of open-hole multistage fracture stimulation systems in 2001, has run more than 12,000 completion systems, accounting for more than 155,000 fracture stages since the company started operations in 2000.

Founded in Calgary, the company has operations in Canada, the U.S. and internationally.

In addition to impressive production capabilities and innovative technological components, the MX Manufacturing Centre – Packers Plus’ largest manufacturing centre worldwide – was built with the employee in mind. There are more than 200 staff who work there.

“Our MX manufacturing process provides the ability to determine the source of materials traced back to the mill or origin for any component of any tool worldwide. For example, we can determine the material certification and the steel mill for any component of a tool that was shipped to China or Saudi Arabia,” says Marlon Leggott, Packers Plus Director of Manufacturing.

“The MX Manufacturing Centre, in conjunction with the Packers Plus Houston Manufacturing Center, provides product for all Packers Plus operations worldwide and has the capability to increase production dramatically in order to meet the demand of all Packers Plus customers,” says Dan Themig, President and CEO.

Packers Plus has established itself as an innovative company by challenging traditional completion methods used in North America. The StackFRAC® open-hole, multistage system revolutionized the completion of horizontal wells – mechanically isolates selective intervals, producing a distributed placement of stimulation fluids throughout the horizontal wellbore thereby reducing well costs and improving production.

Although StackFRAC applications have been the driving focus of the company since the inception of the technology, new equipment and processes are continually being developed to adapt to changing demand.

For example, Packers Plus RockSEAL® II dual-element mechanical packers offer ease of installation, control and reliability:

·        They provide reduced torque and drag due to their short length. Typically, they are approximately 5 feet in length with only two short sections of rubber element. Additionally, the RockSEAL II packer has a minimum running outside diameter (OD). These features allow for easier installation, particularly in wells with high dogleg severity.

·        They are set using hydraulic pressure. This provides precise control cover the setting process, resulting in significant time and cost efficiencies. The setting pressure of RockSEAL II packers can also be adjusted, allowing them to be adapted to different well conditions and suited for each specific job.

·      The durometer rating on the RockSEAL II packer elements does not decrease upon setting, enabling them to maintain a strong seal throughout the life of a well. The elements are also designed to withstand temperature drops that occur during stimulation, preventing any loss of pressure seal. In addition, the dual-element design of the RockSEAL II packer offers two independent sealing points, ensuring a reliable seal even in high treating pressures.

With a dedication to constant improvement of its systems, as well as the introduction of additional technology, Packers Plus remains resolutely focused on providing customers with a variety of open-hole multistage system solutions.