Packers Plus Launches Complete Suite of Frac Plugs to Increase Efficiency in Cemented Completions

December 18, 2018

December 19, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The latest innovation from Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. is providing operators with higher efficiency plug-and-perf systems worldwide. The TREX™ Cemented Product Line now offers composite and degradable plugs to improve deployment and reduce/eliminate mill-out operations, saving time and reducing risk.

The suite of frac plugs includes: Lightning Composite Plug, LightningPLUS Composite Plug and LightningBOLT Degradable Plug. The Lightning plug has a combination of composite and cast-iron slips, while the LightningPLUS has fully composite slips. Both plugs have a short length that enables fast deployment and quick mill-out operations. The LightningBOLT degradable plug is designed with proprietary material and provides optimal degradation times to minimize debris left in the wellbore.

The plugs are rated up to 10,000 psi differential and can be run in conditions up to 300˚F. Each plug is paired with a ball to provide zonal isolation and, with over 2,300 installed in North America, operators are seeing faster mill-out operations from a shorter plug design and composite slips.

“Our Lightning plugs can be used in regular plug-and-perf operations, or combined with other TREX products to provide a hybrid completion solution for extended reach laterals,” said Packers Plus President Ian Bryant. “These unique plugs provide oil and gas operators with improved operations and reduced risk that will ultimately result in lower cost operations for our customers.”

The Lightning plugs are part of the Packers Plus TREX™ Cemented Product Line, a suite of high-quality technologies designed to increase the efficiency and reduce the operational risk in cemented completions for operators worldwide. For more information, visit

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