Packers Plus Completes Over 200 PrimeSET Liner Hanger Installations in North America

January 16, 2019

January 17, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. has successfully installed the TREX™ PrimeSET™ Liner Hanger system in 216 wells across North America. This liner hanger system, which can be used in both cemented and open hole applications, is engineered with unique anti-preset features to ensure reliability and performance, resulting in time and cost savings for operators.

The PrimeSET Liner Hanger is designed for challenging applications. This technology can handle high torque, carry heavy weight and provides the ability to rotate, push and pull the liner while running in-hole without an early release of the running tool. One of the unique features of the PrimeSET Liner Hanger is that the setting ball is retained in the running tool during setting operations, which reduces time and fluid usage, while also mitigating the risk of the ball getting stuck while travelling downhole. This feature also prevents downhole tools from functioning prematurely, since no pressure is applied to the rest of the system during liner hanger setting operations.

As well as the original 4.5-in. x 7-in. PrimeSET, additional sizes such as the 7-in. x 9-5/8-in., 5.5-in. x 7-5/8-in., and 7-5/8-in. x 9-5/8-in. create a complete suite of reliable liner hangers. Each size is compatible with a variety of casing weights and materials (including a 13CR-L80 option for wells with CO2 present), will give operators the flexibility to select the right tool for their specific application.

“The unique features and benefits of the hanger, the API V0 qualification to 15,000 psi, and the addition of new sizes differentiates us from our competitors and increases our ability to support operators in a wide range of applications across North America and internationally,” said Packers Plus President and CEO Ian Bryant. “This innovative tool complements the rest of our multi-stage completion systems, providing an effective way for customers to optimize their wells.”

The PrimeSET Liner Hanger is part of the TREX Cemented Product Line, a suite of high-quality technologies designed to increase the efficiency and reduce the operational risk in cemented completions for operators worldwide. For more information, visit

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