Packers Plus Cemented System Reduces Completion Cost and Risk for Operator in Mid-Continent Region

May 25, 2016

May 25, 2016, Houston, Texas, USA

Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. announces the successful completion of a “multi-cluster” stimulation in a cemented system, which simulated plug-and-perf operations in the Meramec formation within the STACK play of Oklahoma.  Unlike plug-and-perf, the innovative Packers Plus QuickFRAC® system provides uniform fluid distribution to all entry points, effectively stimulating all stages and each cluster within each stage.

The well design used five QuickPORT™ IV sleeves per stage. Specially sized nozzles on each sleeve prevented entry point erosion, providing a more effective treatment and efficient use of fluid and proppant volumes.  All stages were monitored using a surface deployed ePLUS™ Retina Monitoring System, which confirmed that each QuickPORT IV sleeve was successfully opened and stimulated. The stimulation was completed with a 100% success rate for ball launch, ball seat and sleeve shifts.

The operator said: “In the current commodity price environment, the need to capitalize on technologies that maximize efficiencies – on both the CAPEX reduction side and the completion performance side – is critical.  The full-cost benefits as a result of reduction of time and reduction of required spread-rate services are significant.  Confidence that each cluster in each stage is experiencing breakdown and adequately taking fluid is not something that you can ever truly have using the traditional plug-and-perf method. The QuickFRAC system virtually eliminates this problem with a completely controllable, mechanical solution. We are very pleased with the result of this operation and we strongly urge operators to investigate the QuickFRAC system in the near future, so the industry can collectively learn from this potential game-changing technology.”

Packers Plus President, Ian Bryant, added: “The main advantages to this innovative technology is that QuickFRAC guarantees uniform distribution of stimulation fluid resulting in increased ultimate recovery, while reducing well cost.”

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