Packers Plus Optimizes Completions for Permian Operator with Cemented Sleeve Technology

August 1, 2017

August 1, Houston, Texas, USA

Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. is pleased to announce recent success with an operator in the Permian Basin using TREX Cemented Completions Solutions, a suite of new, high-quality technologies designed to optimize cemented well completions for customers worldwide. The operator was able to lower their operational risk while delivering time and cost savings by running QuickPORT™ IV sleeves at the toe of the well. Packers Plus has installed two more systems and secured several more stages of sleeves for the operator’s latest well.

The Packers Plus TREX Limited Entry System is a multi-stage completion system with ball-activated sliding sleeves that deliver a limited entry stimulation treatment. One ball opens multiple QuickPORT IV sleeves to selectively stimulate multiple entry points with one treatment from surface. The combination of reinforced nozzles and a designed pump rate to maintain the desired pressure differential, ensures even fluid distribution across the entire cluster. After stimulation, the well can be immediately flowed back and put on production. The customer chose these cemented sleeves to solve the challenges and risks associated with milling composite plugs from long laterals after using the plug-and-perf method.

Recent data from the Permian Basin shows that for every four stages of QuickPORT IV sleeves ran in the toe section of the well, the operator saves an average of 14 hours in location time, rentals, and labour, which helps reduce operational costs and mitigates associated risks.

“Our QuickPORT IV technology is ideal for completing the deeper stages in extended reach lateral wells,” said Packers Plus President, Ian Bryant. “We are pleased at the early success of the QuickPORT IV sleeves in the Permian and their ability to significantly lower operational time which in turn reduces costs for our customers.”

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