Open Hole Stimulation 30 Times Faster than Plug-and-Perf Method

August 31, 2016

August 31, 2016, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA


Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. is pleased to announce an operator successfully stimulated a StackFRAC® HD open hole multi-stage ball-drop system in Argentina’s Loma La Lata field. This field-proven, cost-effective completion technology effectively stimulates multiple stages thereby increasing access to the reservoir, and resulted in a stimulation time which was 30 times faster than that of the traditional plug-and-perf method. Open hole completions have been proven to increase induced fracture complexity and provide superior connection to the reservoir.

“The operator wanted a completion system that was more time efficient, as well as a system that would avoid proppant overdisplacement and its negative effect on production, whilst lowering operational risk” said Packers Plus President, Ian Bryant. “We’re very pleased to have delivered on both counts and look forward to continuing to optimize completions for operators in the region.”

The completion, which would have taken an estimated 220 hours using the coiled tubing plug-and-perf technique (assuming a smooth operation), was successfully completed in 7 hours with the StackFRAC HD system, averaging one stage per hour. This saved the operator approximately $280,000USD.The frac spread utilization rate was 85% of total completion time. Because the StackFRAC system uses a continuous pumping operation and does not require trips between stages, the operator was able to control fluid placement, avoiding proppant overdisplacement, and avoid the potential risk associated with multiple coiled tubing runs. Additional time and cost savings were achieved with the use of degradable balls, which mitigated the need for post-stimulation intervention.

The key to successful multistage stimulation is connecting to a complex fracture network, maximizing near wellbore conductivity and reducing pressure drops during production. To date, Packers Plus has successfully completed more open hole wells than any other service company in Argentina. To learn more about Packers Plus’ proven performance and international experience, visit

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