Efficiency and effectiveness curves drive unconventional production into 2014

January 1, 2014

The Packers Plus QuickFRAC batch fracturing system features a set of tools capable of simultaneously stimulating multiple stages with a single fracture treatment known as limited entry.

This system provides openhole benefits with the ability to induce more fractures at the same time in a single treatment zone, which can be beneficial for plays like the Niobrara and Mississippian.

“The one thing we hear operators saying is they like the openhole philosophy,” Snyder of Packers Plus said. “They don’t want to cement their wellbore off. They know there are natural fractures that contribute to production, so they want to take the benefit of the openhole [method], but they want to treat multiple spots along the lateral at the same time.”

The batch fracturing system can be set up to allow multiple open clusters, just like the plug-and-perf method. “We can treat that stage with limited entry to get even distribution throughout that stage’s lateral section,” Snyder said. “We see a lot of people toying with this idea. I’d say it’s more predominant up in Canada than in the US, but it is definitely on everybody’s radar. I think that will probably be the next technology that takes off.”

For each treatment zone, the QuickFRAC system includes a number of QuickPORT sleeves and packers. Because the system design is modular, the sleeves can be set up with single or multiple sleeves between packers, depending on the stimulation goal.

On the operational side of the equation, a ball is pumped down onto the seat, and the string is then pressured up to activate and open the sleeves, allowing stimulation fluid to flow into the annulus at the appropriate points and rates. The limited-entry design is maintained during high concentrations and volumes of proppant.

A variety of ball seat sizes are available, which can allow for multiple limited-entry treatments to be run in sequence. After well stimulation is completed, balls can be flowed back.

The system can then be milled out based on the operator’s completion requirements, according to the company. The QuickFRAC system can be used in horizontal and vertical wells in combination with the StackFRAC system for customized stimulation design.