AeroSTAT Glass Barrier Sub Simplifies Installation in Both Open and Cased Hole Operations

July 31, 2019

July 31, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. is pleased to introduce its latest technology, the AeroSTAT™ Glass Barrier Sub, a versatile tool that reduces risk and simplifies completion system installation by facilitating casing flotation to planned depth. This innovative tool contains a glass disc that isolates fluid weight above the sub, creating an air chamber to lighten the completion string in the lateral, enabling the system to float as it is run to planned depth.

The AeroSTAT Glass Barrier Sub includes a proprietary composition of glass, which breaks into fine particles, minimizing debris and enabling full tubing communication with no additional tools required in the shoe track.

“The Glass Barrier Sub is a specialty tool but still highly adaptable,” says Packers Plus President and CEO Ian Bryant. “Designing solutions like this for challenging well conditions is what we do best; quality engineering and innovation keeps us on the leading-edge in the completions market.”

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