Packers Plus Advances High Frac Intensity Capabilities with 50-stage Wells in the Williston Basin

April 22, 2016

April 22, 2016, Houston, Texas, USA

Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. is pleased to announce the successful completions of multiple wells in North Dakota’s Bakken formation using advanced high frac intensity systems, specifically designed for extended reach wells. The completions were made possible by continued advances in ball-drop completion technology using the field proven, innovative StackFRAC® HD (high density) system.

The systems were installed for a large independent operator in November and stimulated in late March and early April. Both used advanced seat port activation design along with proprietary anti-erosion coating to achieve a 100% success rate for ball launch, ball seat and sleeve shift.  All port activation events were confirmed by the ePLUS™ Retina Monitoring System. The first well was completed in 50 hours and the second well in 52 hours of pump time.  A total of 4.9 MM lb proppant and 69,886 bbl fluid and 5MM lb and 73, 600 bbl fluid, respectively, were used.

“We worked closely with the operator to achieve these successes and are very pleased that these completions were executed flawlessly. This is a testament to versatility of the StackFRAC HD system, which has a proven track record of reducing time, cost and water usage while maximizing productivity, and to the engineering and manufacturing capabilities of Packers Plus,” said Packers Plus President, Ian Bryant. “At a time when well economics are a challenge, these developments are good news for Bakken operators.”

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