Commitment to Quality Enables Operators to Install Now and Complete their Well Later

August 18, 2015

July 15, 2015, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA – The ability to wait until oil returns to a favorable price is an efficient and economical solution during a downturn. Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. is committed to offering operators with this option by providing high quality technologies that will enable them to install completion systems now and successfully complete them months or years later.

“Several Packers Plus systems have been installed and successfully completed after lengthy delays,” says Ian Bryant, Packers Plus Chief Operating Officer. “Our fully integrated quality assurance and quality control process contributes to this and allows for the option to stimulate reservoirs when the economics make sense.”

In 2009, a Packers Plus StackFRAC® system was installed in the Horn River Basin of Northeastern British Columbia, Canada, during the economic downturn. After install, the operator waited more than four years before returning to successfully stimulate the well. Another operator installed several Packers Plus systems that were successfully stimulated 40 weeks after the initial installation.

Beginning at the design stage, the Packers Plus QA/QC process follows each component through manufacturing, assembly, testing, shipping and installation – ensuring each system’s quality and reliability. Automation and robotics are incorporated into this proven process, providing consistency and repeatability of key criteria in each step. Packers Plus also provides 100% traceability for every system component from assembly through to installation, including the position of each component in a well. This comprehensive process separates Packers Plus from other completion companies and provides operators with the confidence to successfully complete delayed stimulation.

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About Packers Plus:

Packers Plus is an innovator of multi-stage completion systems and an industry leader in designing and manufacturing solutions for a variety of completion challenges. The privately held company, based in Canada, has run over 15,000 completion systems, accounting for over 224,000 fracture stages since it started operations in 2000. Today, Packers Plus has employees in 32 offices in Canada, the United States and internationally to maintain an influential role in key markets. The company has stayed true to its roots—an innovative company with a focused niche, enabling it to be one of the best in the industry.

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