Toe-XT™ Hydraulic Sleeve

Single Test Toe Sleeve

The Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve is a hydraulically activated injection/production port that is used for the first stage of a completion system. The Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve allows the casing string to be pressure tested a single time before opening. Once the test has been performed, the operator can open the Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve and commence stimulation operations.

The Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve offer many features and benefits

Lower operational risk associated with wireline or coiled tubing runs for the first stage

Verify casing integrity with pressure testing capability

Reliability with pressure testing independent of stimulation operations

Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve

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The Toe-XT Hydraulic Sleeve is used to pressure test casing integrity prior to stimulation operations

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Effective stimulation with Packers Plus TREX cemented completion system

 Our commitment to quality

Packers Plus successful stimulation services begin with a fully integrated quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) process that begins at the design stage and follows each tool through manufacturing, assembly, testing, shipping and installation. Automation and robotics are incorporated into our proven process to ensure consistency and repeatability of key criteria in each step as we design, develop and manufacture our patented tools and systems. As a commitment to quality and meeting stringent standards, Packers Plus has achieved ISO 9001 certification and  API Q1 Certification for our manufacturing and engineering operations in Edmonton, AB, and ISO 9001 in Houston, TX.

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