SF Cementor Stage Collar

Cementing Tool for Monobore Completions

The Packers Plus SF Cementor® stage collar is designed to be opened and closed without the use of a wiper plug or dart. This innovative tool is used for cemented-back monobore completions to reduce debris issues and post-cement cleanout costs.

Cemented-back monobore well construction involves cementing the vertical and build sections of a well from the heel back to surface with a stage tool, rather than running intermediate casing. This technique reduces total wellbore construction costs, and eliminates trips needed to remove the running string and install the fracture string.

The stage tool is run as part of the system liner in open hole, multi-stage completions. Conventional stage tools require a wiper plug or dart to close the tool after cementing is complete. The wiper plug, along with any remaining debris, must be drilled out of the system before balls are dropped into the liner to actuate the open hole system. This can be a costly and time consuming process. The SF Cementor stage collar requires fewer cleanout trips, and well stimulation can commence immediately following mill-out of the remaining cement and Debris Sub.

The SF Cementor stage collar offers many features and benefits

Reduced wellbore construction costs by elimination of intermediate casing

Lower risk of lost stages using integrated secondary closure sleeve with no loss of inside diameter

Reduces time and cost of clean-out operations

SF Cementor Stage Collar

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SF Cementor Stage Collar

The SF Cementor stage collar is a hydraulically opened, mechanically closed stage cementing tool. It is used to cement the vertical and build section above open hole multi-stage systems in monobore wells. The SF Cementor stage collar design allows it to be closed without the use of a wiper plug or dart, which eliminates the need for a cement head and reduces post-cement cleanout operations, debris issues and associated costs. The SF Cementor stage collar is also available in a HPHT design rated to 15,000 psi (103 MPa).

Debris Sub

The Debris Sub is used in conjunction with cementing stage tools such as the SF Cementor stage collar. The main functions of the Debris Sub are to provide a barrier to cement stringers or debris during cementing, and to act as a platform for clean-up operations. The Debris Sub accepts a standard Packers Plus actuation ball, and can be fully milled out to regain communication with the tool string.

The development of the Packers Plus SF Cementor stage collar has further helped operators improve operational efficiencies of open hole, cemented-back completions by reducing the number of cleanout trips required

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SF Cementor improves efficiency of monobore well construction

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SF Cementor reduces time and cost in monobore wells

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SF Cementor provides versatility and reduces risk

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