PrimeSET Liner Hanger System

Rotate, push and pull without early release of the running tool

The Packers Plus PrimeSET™ Liner Hanger uses premium sealing technology to packoff the annulus and secure the liner in intermediate casing for both cemented and open hole applications. Along with conventional hanger slips, the PrimeSET Liner Hanger uses a liner seal and hold-down slips that can withstand differential pressures up to 15,000 psi.

The specially designed bonded liner seal can withstand high pump rates and needs minimal set down weight to packoff. The PrimeSET Liner Hanger also comes with a Tie Back Receptacle (TBR) that transfers weight to packoff the liner seal and allows for future tiebacks. It is deployed using a uniquely designed running tool. Innovative anti-preset features ensure reliability and performance. The PrimeSET Liner Hanger is available with a complete line of tubing seal accessories and elastomers.

The PrimeSET Liner Hanger offers many features and benefits:

–Entire hanger system is API V0 qualified
–Balanced piston prevents presetting while running in hole
–Torque lock enables liner rotation (ability to rotate, push and pull in highly deviated well)
–Large bypass flow-by area prevents running tools from unlocking prematurely
–Bonded element design allows for higher circulation rates and liner run in hole speeds without damaging the element
–Hold-down slips included for additional liner stability

The PrimeSET Liner Hanger can be used in many applications:

–Cemented and open hole
–Anchors and seals liner in intermediate casing
–Horizontal, vertical, extended reach and highly deviated wells
–High temperature, sour service and heavy oil

PrimeSET Liner Hanger

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