Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

RapidMATRIX system increases production in carbonate oil reservoirs
StackFRAC HD-X increases stage count for extended reach lateral wells
StackFRAC Systems Produce 23% More than Offset Plug-and-Perf Wells in the Codell Formation
Dual element packer wells outperform offset single element packer wells
StackFRAC HD Leads to Increased Production and Savings of $600,000 per Well
97% Sleeve Shift Efficiency Leads to Higher Production
High-Rate Stimulation Increases Production by 85%
SoftSEAL Packers Improve Stage Isolation for Increased Production
StackFRAC HD outperforms other completion methods in the Cardium
RS Straddle system provides cost-effective solution for open hole acidization
Flexibility of StackFRAC system allows for exploration testing
High temperature geothermal well completed with Inferno tools

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