Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

2440718 – Overcoming Liner Installation Challenges in Extended Reach Laterals with a Burst Disk Sub
135386 – Comparative Study of Cemented Versus Uncemented Multi-Stage Fractured Wells in the Barnett Shale
16811 – Open Hole Multistage Completion Exceeds Production Expectations from South Sulige Gas Field in China
StackFRAC HD outperforms other completion methods in the Cardium
SoftSEAL Packers Improve Stage Isolation for Increased Production
97% Sleeve Shift Efficiency Leads to Higher Production
107930 – Using Open Hole Horizontal Completion Technology to More Efficiently Complete Vertical Wells
163816 – Evolution of Drilling and Completions in the Slave Point to Optimize Economics
Dual element packer wells outperform offset single element packer wells
StackFRAC system increases ultimate recovery
StackFRAC open hole systems maximize assets in Marcellus Shale
142729 – Optimisation of Completions in Unconventional Reservoirs for Higher Recovery

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