Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

StackFRAC doubles production compared to cemented liner well
146790 – Design and Deployment of a New Fracturing Port Technology to Increase Stage Number Capability of Openhole Multistage Systems
170777 – First Successful Application of Horizontal Open Hole Multistage Completion Systems in Turkey’s Şelmo Field
Dual laterals improve economic margins and ultimate recovery
113487 – Optimizing Horizontal Completions in the Cleveland Tight Gas Sand
2172470 – Cemented-back monobore reduces well cost and frac time in the Wolfcamp
97% Sleeve Shift Efficiency Leads to Higher Production
149062 – Successful Drilling and Deployment of an Open Hole Multistage Fracturing System in a Deep and Hostile Sandstone Gas Reservoir
107930 – Using Open Hole Horizontal Completion Technology to More Efficiently Complete Vertical Wells
104557 – Multistage Fracturing System: Improving Operational Efficiency and Production
16616 – A Case Study: Innovative Open Hole Well Completion Provides Superior Results in Tight Gas Formation in Jilin District, China
135584 – Next Generation Multi-Stage Completion Technology and Risk Sharing Accelerates Development of the Bakken Play

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