Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

DC FracPORT sleeve allows for isolation of a lost-circulation zone
StackFRAC HD Leads to Increased Production and Savings of $600,000 per Well
StackFRAC HD system enables high stimulation rates
SoftSEAL Packers Improve Stage Isolation for Increased Production
Single-Trip Liner Hanger Packer Reduces Operational Costs
StackFRAC HD unlocks the Eagle Ford
StackFRAC technology outperforms conventional “plug-and-perf”
StackFRAC production results exceed expectations
PrimeSET liner hanger successfully reaches depth and anchors system after aggressive installation
StackFRAC HD system outperforms cased hole in vertical wells
High-Rate Stimulation Increases Production by 85%
Retina monitoring system improves certainty and safety for perforating and flowback

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