Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

High-Rate Stimulation Increases Production by 85%
Packers Plus technology revitalizes Cleveland development
142729 – Optimisation of Completions in Unconventional Reservoirs for Higher Recovery
StackFRAC HD system outperforms cased hole in vertical wells
107930 – Using Open Hole Horizontal Completion Technology to More Efficiently Complete Vertical Wells
Flexibility of StackFRAC system allows for exploration testing
146790 – Design and Deployment of a New Fracturing Port Technology to Increase Stage Number Capability of Openhole Multistage Systems
143369 – Optimization of Completions in Unconventional Reservoirs for Ultimate Recovery
114880 – Effective Open Hole Horizontal Completion System for Multistage Fracturing and Stimulation
103046 – New Barnett Shale Horizontal Completion Lowers Cost and Improves Efficiency
StackFRAC HD a success in the Devonian Shale
Packers Plus SF Cementor reduces well cost and operation time in the Wolfcamp

Packers Plus achieves top producing well for operator in the Niobrara
Packers Plus technology boosts barefoot well production by up to 129%
Retina monitoring system improves certainty and safety for perforating and flowback
Slimhole System Boosts Production by up to 468 Times
StackFRAC HD hybrid system stimulates 50 stages in less than 2 days
StackFRAC system provides superior production and economics
137864 – Leveraging Innovative Technologies to Recover Reserves in the Bakken Formation
Single-Trip Liner Hanger Packer Reduces Operational Costs
StackFRAC production results exceed expectations
173974 – Optimizing completions and artificial lift in an unconventional play in the United States
176984 – Economic and Operational Analysis of Systematically Deploying New Technologies in Two US Unconventional Plays
Completion advancements and rigorous QA/QC combine for successful high density stimulation in long lateral

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