Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

StackFRAC HD unlocks the Eagle Ford
High-Rate Stimulation Increases Production by 85%
168952 – Case studies and best practices for installation of open hole multistage completions systems in wells drilled underbalanced
146790 – Design and Deployment of a New Fracturing Port Technology to Increase Stage Number Capability of Openhole Multistage Systems
106357 – Effective Stimulation of Horizontal Wells – A New Completion Method
114880 – Effective Open Hole Horizontal Completion System for Multistage Fracturing and Stimulation
113487 – Optimizing Horizontal Completions in the Cleveland Tight Gas Sand
StackFRAC Slimhole restimulation of cased hole horizontal well leads to increased production
DC FracPORT sleeve allows for isolation of a lost-circulation zone
StackFRAC system increases ultimate recovery
104557 – Multistage Fracturing System: Improving Operational Efficiency and Production
108712 – An Efficient Horizontal Open Hole Multi-Stage Fracturing and Completion System

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