Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

Closeable FracPORT sleeves provide stimulation and production flexibility almost one year after installation
113553 – Application of a Novel Open-Hole Horizontal Well Completion in Saudi Arabia
16616 – A Case Study: Innovative Open Hole Well Completion Provides Superior Results in Tight Gas Formation in Jilin District, China
170777 – First Successful Application of Horizontal Open Hole Multistage Completion Systems in Turkey’s Şelmo Field
114961 – Successful Case History of a Novel Open-Hole Horizontal Well Completion in Saudi Arabia
StackFRAC system doubles oil production from deep, tight zones
153235 – Coiled Tubing Operational Guidelines in Conjuction with Multistage Fracturing Completions in the Tight Gas Fields of Saudi Arabia
StackFRAC HD Improves Efficiency of Horizontal Multi-Stage Acid Stimulation in Northern Iraq Field
130894 – Successful Deployment of Multistage Fracturing Systems in Multilayered Tight Gas Carbonate Formations in Saudi Arabia
StackFRAC completion 30 times faster than typical plug-and-perf stimulation
Packers Plus delivers on both completion and production targets
147927 – New Openhole Technology Unlocks Unconventional Oil and Gas Reserves Worldwide

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