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Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

StackFRAC Titanium XV system leading the way for optimized field development of deep carbonate reservoirs
149062 – Successful Drilling and Deployment of an Open Hole Multistage Fracturing System in a Deep and Hostile Sandstone Gas Reservoir
153235 – Coiled Tubing Operational Guidelines in Conjuction with Multistage Fracturing Completions in the Tight Gas Fields of Saudi Arabia
Production from multi-stage completion surpasses expectations
Operator utilizes closeable FracPORT sleeves to significantly reduce water cut in the Sinai Peninsula
Effective limited entry treatment and improved production with QuickPORT V technology
112442 – Continuous Pumping, Multistage, Hydraulic Fracturing in Kitina Field, Offshore Congo, West Africa
16811 – Open Hole Multistage Completion Exceeds Production Expectations from South Sulige Gas Field in China
164374 – Practical Aspects of Multistage Fracturing from Geosciences and Drilling to Production: Challenges, Solutions and Performance
17831 – Revitalisation of South Fawares field using open hole multistage completion systems – A pilot project case study
Ball-activated proppant stimulation system successfully completed offshore
183268 – Delivering Proppant Stimulation in an Offshore Unconventional Tight Carbonate Source Formation, in the Middle East with OHMS Completion Technology

StackFRAC system improves production from a deep sandstone reservoir
Leading unconventional advancements in Argentina
16616 – A Case Study: Innovative Open Hole Well Completion Provides Superior Results in Tight Gas Formation in Jilin District, China
RapidMATRIX system improves production from carbonate reservoirs
114768 – Successful Multistage Horizontal Well Fracturing in the Deep Gas Reservoirs of Saudi Arabia: Field Testing of a Promising Innovative New Completion Technology
StackFRAC system doubles oil production from deep, tight zones
World’s first subsea StackFRAC completion
Corrosion resistant HPHT solution delivered with StackFRAC Titanium XV open hole multi-stage ball-activated system
149064 – Success Criteria for Multistage Fracturing of Tight Gas in Saudi Arabia
113553 – Application of a Novel Open-Hole Horizontal Well Completion in Saudi Arabia
Vertical cased hole completion leads to discovery of gas field
Packers Plus delivers on both completion and production targets

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