Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

KSA-110320 – Evolution of Limited Entry Multi Stage Stimulation Completion Technology for Improved Acid Stimulation in Tight Carbonate Reservoirs
Vertical cased hole completion leads to discovery of gas field
Leading unconventional advancements in Argentina
113553 – Application of a Novel Open-Hole Horizontal Well Completion in Saudi Arabia
Packers Plus delivers on both completion and production targets
StackFRAC system doubles oil production from deep, tight zones
166527 – Improved Reservoir Management Strategy via Limited Entry Multi-Stage Completion Boosts Production from Massive Carbonate Reservoirs in Saudi Arabia
17831 – Revitalisation of South Fawares field using open hole multistage completion systems – A pilot project case study
StackFRAC system revives non-producing open hole horizontal wells
StackFRAC HD Improves Efficiency of Horizontal Multi-Stage Acid Stimulation in Northern Iraq Field
130894 – Successful Deployment of Multistage Fracturing Systems in Multilayered Tight Gas Carbonate Formations in Saudi Arabia
Unique application of SF Cementor D Stage Collar improves reservoir coverage in sidetrack lateral

149062 – Successful Drilling and Deployment of an Open Hole Multistage Fracturing System in a Deep and Hostile Sandstone Gas Reservoir
119140 – Multiple Transverse Fracturing in Open Hole Allows Development of a Low Permeability Reservoir in the Foukanda Field, Offshore Congo
Ball-activated proppant stimulation system successfully completed offshore
StackFRAC system improves production from a deep sandstone reservoir
SGP-TR-191 – Deep Geothermal Well Completions: A Review of Downhole Problems and Specialized Technology Needs
StackFRAC system facilitates pre- and post-stimulation testing of exploration wells
170777 – First Successful Application of Horizontal Open Hole Multistage Completion Systems in Turkey’s Şelmo Field
StackFRAC system improves production by 70% on first fractured horizontal well in Algeria
Effective limited entry treatment and improved production with QuickPORT V technology
World’s first subsea StackFRAC completion
181688 – Cost Effective Monitoring and Visualization System Used for Real-Time Monitoring of Downhole Operations from the Wellhead
112442 – Continuous Pumping, Multistage, Hydraulic Fracturing in Kitina Field, Offshore Congo, West Africa

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