Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

164374 – Practical Aspects of Multistage Fracturing from Geosciences and Drilling to Production: Challenges, Solutions and Performance
175384 – Unique Application of a Cementing Stage Tool with an Open Hole Multistage Completion System in Saudi Arabia
StackFRAC system facilitates pre- and post-stimulation testing of exploration wells
StackFRAC system improves production by 70% on first fractured horizontal well in Algeria
114766 – Successful Deployment of Innovative Completion Technology Designed for Multi-Stage Fracturing Treatments in Horizontal Producers Achieved Significant Rate Increase in Saudi Arabia
StackFRAC system facilitates stimulation of mixed formation
134905 – Application of Different Stimulation Techniques, Multistage Proppant and Acid Fracturing Operations Offshore Congo
StackFRAC system achieves 100% incremental production increase
Vertical cased hole completion leads to discovery of gas field
RapidMATRIX system improves production from carbonate reservoirs
Ball-activated proppant stimulation system successfully completed offshore
166527 – Improved Reservoir Management Strategy via Limited Entry Multi-Stage Completion Boosts Production from Massive Carbonate Reservoirs in Saudi Arabia

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