Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

StackFRAC HD cemented off-bottom open hole completion establishes baseline for efficient and economic completions
168095 – First Application of Limited Entry Multistage Matrix Acidizing in Saudi Arabia’s Deep Gas Development Program – A Case Study for Improved Acid Stimulation and Placement Techniques
134905 – Application of Different Stimulation Techniques, Multistage Proppant and Acid Fracturing Operations Offshore Congo
World’s first subsea StackFRAC completion
16616 – A Case Study: Innovative Open Hole Well Completion Provides Superior Results in Tight Gas Formation in Jilin District, China
114961 – Successful Case History of a Novel Open-Hole Horizontal Well Completion in Saudi Arabia
Packers Plus delivers on both completion and production targets
Ball-activated proppant stimulation system successfully completed offshore
StackFRAC system improves production from a deep sandstone reservoir
112442 – Continuous Pumping, Multistage, Hydraulic Fracturing in Kitina Field, Offshore Congo, West Africa
StackFRAC Titanium Series system delivers optimum fracture treatment performance in record time
Vertical cased hole completion leads to discovery of gas field

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