Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

Montney operator improves production using StackFRAC HD-X system
15267 – Developing a Stage Tool for Cemented Back Monobore Completions with Open Hole Multi-Stage Systems in the Montney
149437 – Comparative Study of Multistage Cemented Liner and Openhole System Completion Technologies in the Montney Resource Play
SF11 Ball recovery reduces well intervention instances and cost
180236 – Slimhole Refracturing Case Studies and Experience Utilizing Mechanical Isolation for Effective Refracture Treatments
RS Straddle system provides cost-effective solution for open hole acidization
171585 – Reducing Cost and Risk with Cemented-Back Monobore Well Construction in the Cardium Formation
StackFRAC Slimhole system successfully used for refracture operations
184992 – Applying Ball-Activated Completion Technology to SAGD Tubing Deployed Outflow Control Devices to Eliminate Well Intervention
StackFRAC system captures bypassed oil in tight rock formations
StackFRAC helps unlock oil pool in northwest Alberta
126058 – Multi-Stage Acid Stimulation Improves Production Values in Carbonate Formations in Western Canada

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