Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

142729 – Optimisation of Completions in Unconventional Reservoirs for Higher Recovery
130894 – Successful Deployment of Multistage Fracturing Systems in Multilayered Tight Gas Carbonate Formations in Saudi Arabia
143066 – Optimization of Completions in Unconventional Reservoirs for Ultimate Recovery – Case Studies
StackFRAC HD unlocks the Eagle Ford
Packers Plus technology revitalizes Cleveland development
166527 – Improved Reservoir Management Strategy via Limited Entry Multi-Stage Completion Boosts Production from Massive Carbonate Reservoirs in Saudi Arabia
Packers Plus SF Cementor reduces well cost and operation time in the Wolfcamp
Completion advancements and rigorous QA/QC combine for successful high density stimulation in long lateral
147614 – Well Evolution in the James Lime – How Technology has Driven Well Productivity Improvements
StackFRAC technology outperforms conventional “plug-and-perf”
175384 – Unique Application of a Cementing Stage Tool with an Open Hole Multistage Completion System in Saudi Arabia
170777 – First Successful Application of Horizontal Open Hole Multistage Completion Systems in Turkey’s Şelmo Field

StackFRAC Slimhole retrievable system boosts production from vertical well
Partnership solves unique well intervention challenge
Effective limited entry treatment and improved production with QuickPORT V technology
StackFRAC system improves production from a deep sandstone reservoir
Re-fracturing and Re-entry: Improve economics of existing wellbores
StackFRAC system provides superior production and economics
Slimhole System Boosts Production by up to 468 Times
Vertical cased hole completion leads to discovery of gas field
ePLUS Retina improves timing of stimulation operations in ball-activated/plug-and-perf hybrid completion
135584 – Next Generation Multi-Stage Completion Technology and Risk Sharing Accelerates Development of the Bakken Play
173974 – Optimizing completions and artificial lift in an unconventional play in the United States
Packers Plus Operational Experience Improves Production

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