Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

StackFRAC system doubles oil production from deep, tight zones
167659 – Comparative Study of Open Hole and Cemented Multistage Vertical Completion Technologies in the Permain Basin
175384 – Unique Application of a Cementing Stage Tool with an Open Hole Multistage Completion System in Saudi Arabia
Innovative cementing system reduces cleanout costs prior to well completions
StackFRAC Slimhole system increases production by 50%
147614 – Well Evolution in the James Lime – How Technology has Driven Well Productivity Improvements
17831 – Revitalisation of South Fawares field using open hole multistage completion systems – A pilot project case study
135386 – Comparative Study of Cemented Versus Uncemented Multi-Stage Fractured Wells in the Barnett Shale
StackFRAC system improves production by 70% on first fractured horizontal well in Algeria
146790 – Design and Deployment of a New Fracturing Port Technology to Increase Stage Number Capability of Openhole Multistage Systems
2172470 – Cemented-back monobore reduces well cost and frac time in the Wolfcamp
135195 – Horizontal Drilling and Well Completion Optimization in North Dakota Bakken Oilfield

Packers Plus achieves top producing well for operator in the Niobrara
StackFRAC Titanium Series system delivers optimum fracture treatment performance in record time
Packers Plus Completions Save Over $7 Million for Multi-Well Pad Development in the Montney
StackFRAC HD cemented off-bottom open hole completion establishes baseline for efficient and economic completions
17599 – Application of Technologies for Improved Drilling, Hydraulic Fracturing, and Production Increase—Case Studies From Deep and High Pressure Gas Wells
Slimhole System Boosts Production by up to 468 Times
Packers Plus completes a best-in-field well in the Black Sea
143066 – Optimization of Completions in Unconventional Reservoirs for Ultimate Recovery – Case Studies
119140 – Multiple Transverse Fracturing in Open Hole Allows Development of a Low Permeability Reservoir in the Foukanda Field, Offshore Congo
StackFRAC HD outperforms other completion methods in the Cardium
149062 – Successful Drilling and Deployment of an Open Hole Multistage Fracturing System in a Deep and Hostile Sandstone Gas Reservoir
149064 – Success Criteria for Multistage Fracturing of Tight Gas in Saudi Arabia

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