Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

Packers Plus completes a best-in-field well in the Black Sea
StackFRAC Systems Produce 23% More than Offset Plug-and-Perf Wells in the Codell Formation
StackFRAC HD system enables high stimulation rates
163946 – Cemented Versus Open Hole Completions: What is Best for Your Well?
Packers Plus delivers on both completion and production targets
High temperature geothermal well completed with Inferno tools
StackFRAC HD cemented off-bottom open hole completion establishes baseline for efficient and economic completions
15267 – Developing a Stage Tool for Cemented Back Monobore Completions with Open Hole Multi-Stage Systems in the Montney
106357 – Effective Stimulation of Horizontal Wells – A New Completion Method
Custom solution saves tight gas well in Western Canada
StackFRAC Slimhole restimulation of cased hole horizontal well leads to increased production
168643 – Development of the Wolfbone Formation Using Open Hole Multistage Vertical Completion Technology

161793 – Integration of Drilling, Completion, and Stimulation Technology Boosts Saudi Arabian Gas Well Performance
Dual element packer wells outperform offset single element packer wells
147614 – Well Evolution in the James Lime – How Technology has Driven Well Productivity Improvements
StackFRAC HD hybrid system stimulates 50 stages in less than 2 days
Packers Plus achieves top producing well for operator in the Niobrara
SoftSEAL Packers Improve Stage Isolation for Increased Production
176984 – Economic and Operational Analysis of Systematically Deploying New Technologies in Two US Unconventional Plays
First successful application of open hole completion systems in Turkey
116232 – Utilizing Modern Frac Baffles Improves Completion Efficiencies
Flexibility of StackFRAC system allows for exploration testing
119140 – Multiple Transverse Fracturing in Open Hole Allows Development of a Low Permeability Reservoir in the Foukanda Field, Offshore Congo
166527 – Improved Reservoir Management Strategy via Limited Entry Multi-Stage Completion Boosts Production from Massive Carbonate Reservoirs in Saudi Arabia

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