Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

97% Sleeve Shift Efficiency Leads to Higher Production
Solving HPHT completion challenges in the Duvernay
StackFRAC Slimhole system increases production by 299% following restimulation
StackFRAC system revives non-producing open hole horizontal wells
StackFRAC system captures bypassed oil in tight rock formations
114880 – Effective Open Hole Horizontal Completion System for Multistage Fracturing and Stimulation
StackFRAC HD outperforms plug-and-perf wells on multi-well pad
153235 – Coiled Tubing Operational Guidelines in Conjuction with Multistage Fracturing Completions in the Tight Gas Fields of Saudi Arabia
130894 – Successful Deployment of Multistage Fracturing Systems in Multilayered Tight Gas Carbonate Formations in Saudi Arabia
RapidMATRIX system improves production from carbonate reservoirs
114768 – Successful Multistage Horizontal Well Fracturing in the Deep Gas Reservoirs of Saudi Arabia: Field Testing of a Promising Innovative New Completion Technology
RapidMATRIX-StackFRAC system increases production from carbonate formation in Alberta

Packers Plus completes a best-in-field well in the Black Sea
QuickFRAC mitigates risk of screen-out in mature reservoirs
StackFRAC system facilitates stimulation of mixed formation
143369 – Optimization of Completions in Unconventional Reservoirs for Ultimate Recovery
Closeable FracPORT sleeves provide stimulation and production flexibility almost one year after installation
RS Straddle system provides cost-effective solution for open hole acidization
107930 – Using Open Hole Horizontal Completion Technology to More Efficiently Complete Vertical Wells
166527 – Improved Reservoir Management Strategy via Limited Entry Multi-Stage Completion Boosts Production from Massive Carbonate Reservoirs in Saudi Arabia
147614 – Well Evolution in the James Lime – How Technology has Driven Well Productivity Improvements
StackFRAC Slimhole system increases production by 50%
137864 – Leveraging Innovative Technologies to Recover Reserves in the Bakken Formation
Make Better Decisions: Get critical knowledge with real-time monitoring during fracture operations

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