Proven Performance

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167659 – Comparative Study of Open Hole and Cemented Multistage Vertical Completion Technologies in the Permain Basin
Operator saves time and successfully mitigates risk using TREX QuickPORT IV sleeves in a hybrid completion
ePLUS Retina improves timing of stimulation operations in ball-activated/plug-and-perf hybrid completion
Retina monitoring system improves certainty and safety for perforating and flowback
Packers Plus Operational Experience Improves Production
QuickPORT IV sleeves unseat plug-and-perf in successful 80-sleeve lower completion
170928 – A One-Year Production Study between Cemented Multistage and Open hole Completion Technologies for Vertical Wells in the Permian Basin
Packers Plus SF Cementor reduces well cost and operation time in the Wolfcamp
StackFRAC HD system outperforms cased hole in vertical wells