Proven Performance

Read how Packers Plus systems and solutions have delivered results around the world.

114880 – Effective Open Hole Horizontal Completion System for Multistage Fracturing and Stimulation
161793 – Integration of Drilling, Completion, and Stimulation Technology Boosts Saudi Arabian Gas Well Performance
StackFRAC HD unlocks the Eagle Ford
16616 – A Case Study: Innovative Open Hole Well Completion Provides Superior Results in Tight Gas Formation in Jilin District, China
StackFRAC dual laterals provide enhanced reservoir drainage
181441 – Evaluation of Completion Practices in the STACK Using Completion Diagnostics and Production Analysis
StackFRAC Slimhole restimulation of cased hole horizontal well leads to increased production
Well Construction Versatility: Reducing costs and mitigating risk for cemented-back completions using stage tool technology
StackFRAC system captures bypassed oil in tight rock formations
183168 – Real-Time Friction Simulation for Accurate Calculation of Bottomhole Pressure during Stimulation in Open Hole Sliding-Sleeve Ball Seat Completions
Slimhole system effectively re-stimulates a cased hole horizontal
StackFRAC system increases ultimate recovery

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