Global Technology & Training Center in Denver, Colorado

Providing world-class education and technical knowledge to the oil and gas industry

Packers Plus is a leading innovator of high-tech completion systems and solutions

Our latest innovation is a state-of-the-art training and research facility that will:

Help clients achieve effective and profitable reservoir stimulation

Provide world-class education and technical knowledge to the oil and gas industry

Offer world-renowned expertise in well stimulation science and technology

Global Fracture Sciences Group

The Global Technology and Training Center houses a specialized group of highly skilled engineers and scientists, trained to solve difficult reservoir challenges. This exceptional research and design team has a depth of technical expertise and resources, and keeps our customer’s best interests in mind.

The Group

• Experts in well stimulation science and technology
• Committed to providing customers with effective completion solutions
• Dedicated to collaborative partnerships and joint reservoir studies
• Empowered with an international presence and backed by extensive R&D

The Service

• Historical completion and production data evaluation
• Fracture treatment optimization
• Reservoir simulation and evaluation
• Multi-disciplinary consulting services
• Joint reservoir study projects

The Capabilities

• Geomechanics and petrophysics
• Reservoir and production engineering
• Stimulation optimization
• Well test analysis and treatment evaluation
• Technical application support

Global Training Center

This modern facility will raise the industry standard of training, offering world-class education and technical knowledge to energy professionals across the globe. Packers Plus will train a wide range of personnel in this vibrant, collaborative learning environment. The Global Training Center will be a driving force in the field of completions, fostering interdisciplinary innovation among customers and employees.

The Service

• Increasing collaboration across the industry through knowledge and skill sharing
• Sharing invaluable insight and expertise with other industry forerunners
• Offering exclusive courses and training that will enable operators to get more production out of their wells for less
• Providing 24/7 operations support worldwide


• Exceptional technical and corporate training
• In-depth courses on tool theory, effective use, safety and installation procedures
• Hands-on shop practice with tool disassembly, evaluation, troubleshooting and repair
• An introduction to Packers Plus system design and operation that will enable them to complete their wells more efficiently and effectively
• Customized system selection for each job based on analysis and input from our fracture science specialists
• Identification of job redundancies, contingencies and remediation methods

For more information, please contact:

Barry Hlidek

Manager, Fracture Sciences Group
Office: +1 (303) 407-9910
Cell: +1 (720) 403-1248

Jody McGlothen

Global Director of Training
Office: +1 (303) 407-9910
Cell: +1 (832) 523-5634

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