Fracture Sciences Group

The Fracture Sciences Group are experts in well stimulation science and technology. We are a specialized team of highly skilled engineers and scientists, trained to solve difficult reservoir stimulation challenges with the expertise and corporate support to make our clients’ projects profitable.

Packers Plus Stimulation Consulting

The Packers Plus Fracture Sciences Group provides consulting services to the oil and gas industry. This multidisciplinary team of hydraulic fracturing and geoscience experts offers a full suite of services to help your organization succeed at each stage of development, from field and well planning to completion design and production. Backed by the experience and stability of a proven global company, the group also shares its technical knowledge in stimulation science and technology through customized education and workshops.
Support your existing team or department with the flexibility and expertise of consultants.

The Group

• Experts in well stimulation science and technology
• Committed to providing customers with effective completion solutions
• Dedicated to collaborative partnerships and joint reservoir studies
• Empowered with an international presence and backed by extensive R&D

The Service

• Historical completion and production data evaluation
• Fracture treatment optimization
• Reservoir simulation and evaluation
• Multi-disciplinary consulting services
• Joint reservoir study projects

The Capabilities

• Geomechanics and petrophysics
• Reservoir and production engineering
• Stimulation optimization
• Well test analysis and treatment evaluation
• Technical application support

Core Offering:

Global Training Center

This modern facility will raise the industry standard of training, offering world-class education and technical knowledge to energy professionals across the globe. Packers Plus will train a wide range of personnel in this vibrant, collaborative learning environment. The Global Training Center will be a driving force in the field of completions, fostering interdisciplinary innovation among customers and employees.

The Service

• Increasing collaboration across the industry through knowledge and skill sharing
• Sharing invaluable insight and expertise with other industry forerunners
• Offering exclusive courses and training that will enable operators to get more production out of their wells for less
• Providing 24/7 operations support worldwide


• Exceptional technical and corporate training
• In-depth courses on tool theory, effective use, safety and installation procedures
• Hands-on shop practice with tool disassembly, evaluation, troubleshooting and repair
• An introduction to Packers Plus system design and operation that will enable them to complete their wells more efficiently and effectively
• Customized system selection for each job based on analysis and input from our fracture science specialists
• Identification of job redundancies, contingencies and remediation methods

For more information, please contact:

Barry Hlidek

Manager, Fracture Sciences Group
Office: +1 (303) 604-8221
Cell: +1 (720) 403-1248

Jody McGlothen

Director – Special Projects
Office: +1 (303) 604-8220
Cell: +1 (832) 523-5634

TREX Toe Sleeve

Hydraulic Toe Sleeve

TREX Liner Hanger

PrimeSET Liner Hanger

StackFRAC HD-X System

Multi-Stage Ball-Drop Completions

TREX Limited Entry

Cemented QuickPORT IV Sleeves

StackFRAC Slimhole System

Restimulation & Well Recovery

ePLUS Retina Monitoring System

Combining Electronics with Reliability

SwellPLUS Packer

Swellable Zonal Isolation

TREX Single Point Entry

Cemented Diffusor Sleeves

QuickFRAC Batch Stimulation System

Limited Entry Ball-Drop Completions